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Spring has always been my favorite time of the year because it is the season of new beginnings, the season when the flowers bloom, when we awaken from the hibernation of winter and shed our heavy coats. It is the season for my favorite things, like flip flops and sundresses, baseball games and ice cream, and long sunny days ended by lovely sunsets. It is the season of warmth, beauty and renewal. This spring is especially important for me, because my last spring was cut short by tragedy, and it was expected that I would not live to see another spring…but I’m still here. I lived, in spite of the odds against me, and I am so grateful. Life is so much more precious to me now, my relationships are richer and deeper, my level of spirituality has been enhanced, and my level of compassion and empathy for others has increased as a result of my tragedy.

I awakened from a two-month coma last June with a resolve to not only live, but to thrive, and not only to rebuild my life, but to help other survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives as well. The Christy Sims Foundation is a 501c3 (pending approval) non-profit organization which was founded this year to assist me in raising funds for my extensive reconstruction process, and to aid in the sustaining and rebuilding of my life. Our ultimate vision is to become Georgia’s most renowned foundation in support of domestic violence victims, serving as the state’s primary resource for recovery by issuing grants to individuals as well as other worthy organizations that support our mission. Our goal is not only to assist survivors after their abuse, but to empower them in ways that will prevent them from becoming victims of abuse. My personal goal is to be able to use my personal experience and my counseling knowledge to educate and empower others.

Our mission is to educate the community, increase awareness, and raise funds to support survivors of domestic violence and their children, providing resources to help them rebuild their lives and support for their journeys to recovery. Your financial support, your resources and your time will help us achieve our mission and see our vision become a success. Financial donations are tax deductible (pending 501c3 approval), and any amount is appreciated. No donation is too small. Please go to our donate page on

My journey to recovery is just beginning and I will require many more reconstructive surgeries that are necessary to rebuild my face, and these surgeries are my only hope of regaining a normal life for me and my two children. I am so grateful for the donations that we have received thus far, and I am truly overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people, but I have a long way to go in my recovery process, and I still need your help. I will require at least an additional $400,000 in burn reconstruction surgeries over the next two years. My hope is that we will raise enough money to complete my surgery process, and then we can go about the business of helping other survivors of domestic violence. I am keenly aware that my suffering was not just meant for me, and I am determined to not let my personal suffering be in vain. I am determined to rebuild my life, so that I can assist others in rebuilding theirs.

We appreciate any form of assistance, and if you are unable to make a financial donation at this time, we would also appreciate a donation of your time or resources. We have a formal application process for our volunteers to ensure that we utilize your unique set of knowledge, skills, and experience. Please email us at for additional information.

The launch of the Christy Sims Foundation has been a pivotal part of my healing. My hope is to heal myself by helping others. I am so excited about what we have planned for this organization; we have an incredible team of passionate and professional people, all with hearts for helping others. I am so grateful to my team, which includes: co-founder, Anthony Tucker, Attorney, Odis Williams,  Board Chair, Maggie Kempken, CSF board members: Dr. Benjamin Stong, Charles Sperling, Dr. Cherry Collier, Walter Jordan, Inger Jackson Garnett, LaNese Harris, Ralph Long III, and our board advisor, Dr. Quinn Gentry. Our other team members are, Joseph Smith, Jonell Myers, and Laci Texter, who is our social media specialist. We are especially grateful to our website design team, Mike DePadro and Leigh Lambert at Findlocal Company.

My life has been forever changed, I will never have the look or the life that I had prior to April 28, 2013. However, I am slowly realizing and accepting that maybe that is the point of it all…to be forever changed, and as a result of my tragedy and my drastic change; to promote a drastic change in our society. I am so excited about the possibilities, and so grateful for getting a second chance at life. Thank you for being on this journey with me and for your continuous support. Please visit my blog often, and stay engaged with my media sites on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You can access all of them via the home page.

As I go into this new and unfamiliar phase of my life, I am filled with love, excitement, and hope. Yes, I made it to another spring!






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